Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

The SCSSC is a purpose-designed training and research facility occupying Level 6 of the Kolling Institute research building on the campus of the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

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Basic Laparoscopic Skills Course 2016

The Basic Laparoscopic Skills Course will take place on Monday 4th April 2016 at the SCSSC. Covering the fundamental principles of laparoscopic operating skills, this workshop is open to all suitable Surgery Trainees (SET 1), SMROs and Interns. Download the course flyer here


1UP Patient Centred Procedural Skills feedback tool: Free App for web & mobile devices

Download this free tool that is designed for self appraisal and or formative assessment in clinical supervision. Summary reports emailed to users. To visit the web tool click here or visit the apple store or play store for mobile apps


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EdWISE Project

The “Emergency Department Hub and Spoke distributed simulation using the Education by Web-based Innovative Simulation and E learning model” (EdWISE) Project is one of a series of initiatives to be implemented across NSW over the next two years under the more...