Booking your course - essential preparation

Steps you need to take when booking a course

  1. Check that the course is suitable for your professional group and level of experience and that you meet any pre-requisites listed on the course fact sheet.
  2. Ensure you have read “Practical Information and Terms and Conditions of Training”. This provides practical information about training in our centre and contains important other information including dress requirements, safety advice, privacy and confidentiality policies, payment options and cancellation policy.
  3. Complete a booking application form and return it by fax, email or mail as shown on the form. Include your payment.
  4. Contact us to make a further enquiry about a course.

Essential things you need to know and do before you attend your course

  1. You will receive a confirmation letter and receipt of payment within a few weeks of booking. Check that the information on your confirmation cover letter is correct.
  2. A course manual and materials will be sent to you approximately four weeks prior to the course. Ensure you complete the pre-reading and any pre-course tests or handouts and bring these with you to the course.
  3. Also read about the specific training technologies and training methods that will be used in your course if you want to know in advance about these (Highly recommended).
  4. Contact us if you would like assistance or advice with transport and accommodation, if you have special needs, or if you have any further enquiries