Deteriorating Patient and Resuscitation

Our courses are aligned with the teachings of the "Between the Flags" Program developed by the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission.

  • Key – groups addressed by each course
  • Prevocational doctor in training [PreDIT]
  • Vocational doctor in training [VDIT]
  • Non-specialist doctor [NSD]
  • General Practitioner [GP]
  • Specialist medical practitioner [S]
  • Specialist Nurse [SN]
  • Nurse Educator [NE]
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant [CNC]
  • Multiprofessional audience [M#]

Ward team response

Courses addressing Ward team response (Tier 1/ Level 2 competencies) using the DETECT curriculum framework are provided for NSCCHS employees. Non NSCCHS groups wishing to book the DETECT course or other training for junior doctors, ward nurses and students should make an enquiry.

Emergency Response Team

Courses specifically addressing the Emergency Response Team (Tier 2/ Level 3 Competencies) include:

Deteriorating Child

Courses specifically addressing the Deteriorating Child include:

Deteriorating Pregnant Patient

Courses specifically addressing the Deteriorating Pregnant Patient include:

NSCCHS employees

Courses for NSCCHS employees only include:


Resuscitation is included in the majority of the above mentioned courses. Resuscitation is taught according to the Australian Resuscitation Council Clinical Practice Guidelines. See individual course flyers.

If your course of interest has no flyer linked, or to find out more, you are welcome to make an enquiry.